[ad_1] Dubai Cuisine: Delicious International Flavors

Very few cities around the world offer such a wide spread of available cuisine as Dubai does. As a result of its rich mix of nationalities, food in Dubai is incredibly varied. This primarily is due as a result of the development of Dubai in recent years which has resulted in an influx of people from a range of different countries now staying there as they work and contribute to the growth of this amazing city.

The local Arabian food in Dubai is influences by Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine. In addition, Indian, Thai, Chinese and western food is readily available. Everywhere you look there are different types of restaurants opening up in Dubai to cater for the growing population. There is a huge range of restaurants that vary from a price and quality point too. From high-end restaurants with multiple Michelin stars to street shwarma stands and international fast food chains – foodies will have difficulty choosing where to go and what to eat.

In terms of specialty local Arabic dishes, some of the most popular meals include:
• Stuffed zucchini
• Rice stuffed vine leaves
• Whole roast lamb served with rice and nuts
• Tabbouleh – a salad with mint, chopped parsley and crushed wheat
• Hummus – Sesame seed and chick peas paste

In Dubai, many local dishes contain typical Middles Eastern spices such as saffron, cinnamon and turmeric in conjunction with dried fruits and nuts, quite often pistachios and almonds.

Dates are a staple food item in the Dubai / Arabic cuisine. Dates are regularly used in Arabic cooking and quite often they are eaten at the start of a meal on their own. Dates are in fact used to "break the fast" during Ramadan, the annual fasting period in Dubai for Muslims.

Dates are grown on Date Palms on farms in the outskirts of Dubai. There are date festivals and most Souks (outdoor markets) sell dates. Many tourists buy packs of dates to take home with them as they are also readily available at Dubai Airport.

Acknowledged as "tomoor" in Arabic, there are many types of dates available in Dubai including; Sagai, Mabroom, Safawi, Sukkary date. Every one of these types has a delicious taste, a soft flesh and a sweet flavor.

Aside from the delicious range of local Arabic foods on offer in Dubai, you'll also be able to discover a terrific selection of international cuisines catering for different tastes.

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