Persian Saffron

Persian Saffron, with its rich coloring and exceptional taste and aroma, is in a class of its own. A miracle agent from ancient times, it is the world’s most expensive spice.

The three pistils of the Crocus Sativus L flower, from which saffron originates, are very thin, small and fragile. Harvesting these stamens can only be done manually in October, if possible early in the morning before the first day of the flowering season

For the production of a single kilogram of saffron, more than 100.000 flowers and 400 hours of labor are needed. Cultivating saffron requires extreme weather conditions: cold winters and hot, dry summers. The ground has to be dry and rich with calcium. That is one of the reasons Golden Result Saffron stems from Iran: the country has the best quality of saffron and is responsible for 90% of the world’s production.



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